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‘We took the direct hit’: Louisiana diocese in ‘some crisis’ a week after Ida

Nearly a week after Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, the Diocese of Houma-Thibodeaux is still without electricity. Many parts of the diocese do not have running water, and hospitals that were not damaged in the storm are currently overcrowded.?

Fired over transgender pronoun mandate, Virginia teacher appeals to state supreme court

A Virginia teacher fired for not using the “preferred pronoun” of a self-identified transgender student has appealed his case to the state supreme court.

Church of England bishop to be received into the Catholic Church

The Rt. Rev. Jonathan Goodall said he took the decision ‘after a long period of prayer.’

Cardinal Parolin and Viktor Orban talk migration ahead of papal trip to Hungary

Pope Francis is due to meet with Hungary’s prime minister on Sept. 12.

English Catholic bishop: Assisted suicide bill sends message ‘some lives are not worth fighting for’

The bill is the latest in a long line of attempts to legalize assisted suicide in the U.K.

Lawsuits bring additional sexual battery allegations against Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick, a disgraced former cardinal, is facing criminal charges of sexual abuse of a minor, with his first court date scheduled for Friday. On Monday, a California-based law firm filed two additional lawsuits against McCarrick.

Traditional Latin Masses to end in some Houston parishes but continue in others, Cardinal DiNardo says

Several parishes may continue to celebrate Traditional Latin Masses in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, but several others must cease, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo has said in his implementation of Pope Francis' motu proprio Traditionis custodes.

Bishop urges Queenslanders to oppose euthanasia, assisted suicide bill

Catholics in Australia’s Queensland state are being urged to sign a petition asking the parliament not to pass a bill that would allow for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Psaki rebukes EWTN reporter who asked why Catholic Biden opposes Texas abortion law

President Joe Biden, the second Catholic president in U.S. history, believes that abortion is a “woman’s right,” White House Press Secrentary Jen Psaki said on Thursday in reference to Texas' abortion law.

‘We'll get through it’: New Orleans pastor looks to rebuild after Ida

A New Orleans pastor whose parish school was severely damaged in Hurricane Ida is bracing himself for a “big expense,” but hopes classroom life will not be overly disrupted for students this year.?

Springfield bishop won't deny Mass to mask-less Catholics

The bishop of Springfield in Illinois is requesting that parishioners wear masks to Mass in compliance with a recent state public health order, but will not require COVID-19 vaccinations.

In speech on North Korea, Cardinal Parolin calls for cooperation and friendship

He highlighted St. John XXIII as a model for today’s Vatican diplomacy.

Biden promises 'whole-of-government' effort to maintain abortion in Texas

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a “whole-of-government” response to “ensure” abortion access in Texas, after the state’s pro-life law went into effect on Wednesday.

Traditionis custodes: Traditional Catholic institutes appeal to French bishops for ‘mediator’

The institutes’ superiors appealed for “a human, personal dialogue.”

Divided Supreme Court rejects challenge of Texas pro-life law

A divided Supreme Court late Wednesday evening declined a petition to block Texas’ ‘heartbeat’ law, allowing the law to stand for now.

Pope Francis: Foundation helping mothers and children is ‘a sign of hope’

The Arché Foundation is opening a new house in Rome.

Catholic priest in Cameroon freed after three days in captivity

Msgr. Julius Agbortoko Abbor was released without payment of a ransom.

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